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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lush - Natasha Friend

I thought this was a really good book, but it deals with the difficult topic of an alcoholic parent, so it's not for every reader.

Sam's father is a good guy...when he's sober. But when he's not, it's no fun, and 13 year-old Sam has to deal with him. She's getting pretty desperate to talk to someone, but she doesn't really want to share this part of her life with her friends, so she reaches out to an older girl by leaving notes for her in a library book where she's sure the girl will find them. This begins an interesting exchange back and forth of letters between the two, with a bit of a surprise when the author of the letters comes clean.

Sam's family is forced to make changes when her father's drinking leads to a dangerous situation at home, and Sam needs to figure out how to deal with her anger, both towards her father and towards her mother, who was in heavy denial about the problems her dad's drinking was causing.

Luckily, I was never in Sam's shoes, but I know some people who were, and growing up in an alcoholic family can be very difficult. I think Natasha Friend does an admirable job of presenting the issues sensitively but accurately and will open some great discussions.


Anonymous said...

I love this book.

Maddi said...

Yes, i too loved this book! I am actually doing a book report on it for school. I cannot remember the boy who tries to take advantage of Samantha... check out my blog....maddispot.blogspot.com & fufillhopesanddreams.blogspot.com

Megan said...

Like OMG!!i love this book but not as much as i love Darren VanDeusen♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Its a really good book and its what my life was about so i can relate...

-Megan S. Cooperstown N.Y.