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Monday, March 31, 2008

Spain or Shine - Michelle Jellen

This is one of a series of books called S.A.S.S.: Students Across The Seven Seas. Teen girls going to study abroad and learn what they can about other cultures and countries. this book was a nice easy read that had some interesting cultural references, but I thought that could have been a little stronger. There is quite a lot of Spanish in this one - makes sense considering she went to SPAIN - but it's always clear form the context or through translation what is being said. I was disappointed that the author chose to put Elena with a family in Spain who all speaks English, and they nearly always speak English with Elena instead of making her practice her Spanish. No wonder she wasn't dreaming in Spanish sooner! One thing I really liked about this book was Elena's self discovery about her ability as a writer, and how she gained a lot of self confidence.

This is what I call a good "beach" book: lite chick-lit for fans of the genre.

Available at Multnomah County Libraries.they

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