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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tel Me a Secret -Holly Cupala

17 year old Rand has been living with the death of her sister for the last five years. her sister who was the wild one. but now Rand herself is pregnant, and life isn't turning out like she thought it would. Not at all. Rand is determined to keep her baby, against the wishes of her parents who force her to give up her dream of art school and start working in order to support the baby if she's going to keep it. The novel is fraught with tension and anxiety, mystery and fear. It's a really intense piece of writing which I appreciated very much as a reader but cannot say I really enjoyed. One does not enjoy reading about pain, and this novel has more than its share.

Rand's life takes a lot of twists and turns and definitely has more downward spiraling than up, but towards the end Rand seems to begin to find her way and others around her find their way along with her. I'd recommend this book to high school students because I think they would appreciate it more than middle schoolers.

Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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