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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, Nick Bruel

Oh, this book is a riot. I have a bad kitty of my own, he's even black, and I can only imagine trying to give him a bath. NOT going to happen. Not even going to TRY it!

Nick Bruel is coming to Oregon on October 14th to accept the Beverly Cleary Children's Choice award, and so I will get to meet him. I 'm excited because I will get to meet a whole bunch of authors that weekend! And clearly, like me, Mr. Bruel is a cat-person, so I know I like him already. His book has hilarious text and even more hilarious pictures to accompany it. There is a fair amount of text, so while non-readers and emerging readers will enjoy the pictures, beginning and even more advanced readers will find a good story and some informational text as well to entertain them. After all, I consider myself a fairly advanced reader and I was laughing out loud and even learned a fact or two. Did you know cats can swim?! There is also a handy glossary in the back of the book.

A very charming book which I highly recommend to cat lovers especially, but dog lovers will appreciate the comparisons of dogs and cats, too!

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