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Monday, January 16, 2012

Press Here, Hervé Tullet

Best children's book I have seen in a long, long time, bar none. However, I would caution parents that this book is going to be a repeater, repeater, repeater, and how. This highly interactive book is going to be a favorite with children. Heck, it's a favorite with me.

The book is super simple, just yellow red and blue dots on white pages (and occasionally on black). And the text is also simple. Press five times on the red dot. Press five times on the blue dot. Try shaking the book just a little bit. But the joy of this book is that when you're given a direction on one page, the next page has a result. If you press the blue dot five times, on the next page there are five blue dots. If you shake the book a little bit, the dots are all wiggled around on the next page. If you tilt the book, all the dots go into the corner, etc.

It is so much fun to read and DO. Not so many books have the listener/reader being such an active participant, but this one is quite amazing.

Betsy Bird, a reviewer I particularly like, asked in this review if it's perhaps "...the first picture book of the picture book app age?" No iPad required.


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