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Monday, February 26, 2007

Charlie Bone and the Hidden King - Jenny Nimmo

So I thought this was the last of the Charlie Bone books, but then a student said they thought there were more coming, so I looked on the Internet (how did we ever survive without it I often wonder), and what do you know, there IS another one coming out this summer. It's called Cahrlie Bone and the Beast. So now you know.

I listened to this book on tape in my car; as you might know if you've read some of the other entries I've done, it's the only way I can stand driving. Anyway, it was a great book to listen to, but it was a hard one to listen to because you have to stop listening when the car stops, and there were MANY times when I wanted to keep going. It's a VERY suspenseful story. Well, I guess I could have sat in my car and listened more, but probably someone might have thought that was a little strange, so I didn't.

The Flames, the three cats who have appeared in other Charlie Bone books, and who are really swell kitties, appear early on in this book and warn Charlie to be watchful because something ancient has awoken. This cannot be good news he knows, but what has awoken, and who and where should he watch? And then all the animals disappear, including Benjamin's beloved Runner Bean. And Charlie's mother seems to have forgotten who his father was and even takes off her wedding rings which she's NEVER done before even though his father has been missing so long. And then there's Grandma Maisie who's frozen solid as a rock and dripping on the carpet. What to do, what to do? It's non-stop action and suspense.

Needless to say, Charlie ends up in some very dangerous spots. Will the help of his uncle, several very good friends and an ancient spell be enough to find the hidden king and perhaps even his ever elusive father? Read this page-turner and find out.

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