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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The True Darcy Spirit - Elizabeth Aston

Anyone know what book I have on my READ poster at school? Pride and Prejudice (along with Keira Knightly!). This book is written by Elizabeth Aston and is a sort of copycat book of Jane Austen's style. It's quite remarkable how well she does imitate the style. Clearly she has read all of Jane Austen's works QUITE closely. It's pretty cool that someone can do that. I wonder if Jane would be flattered or freaked out that someone was doing this.

Anyway, you really have to love Pride and Prejudice to enjoy this book, but if you did like it, I'd highly recommend this story set in 1819 (Pride and Prejudice was set in the late 170os) and focuses on one of the daughters of Anne de Bourgh (Lady Catherine REALLY wanted Mr. Darcy to marry Anne in P&P, remember?), Cassandra Darcy.

It's a fun, romantic mystery that's pretty predictable, but still pure pleasure for fans of the genre.

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