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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thrill Ride - Rachel Hawthorne

I don't even know where I heard about this book, maybe from Mrs. Yingling's website out in Ohio, but anyway, I picked it up at the public library and I zipped right through it. It was an easy read, good for spring break which is when I read it. The main character in this book, Megan, is spending her summer working at a theme park far away from home. She's left her boyfriend behind, and he's not too happy about it. Neither is she, but she feels like going away to work is the only way she'll escape her mother and sister's fighting over her sister's upcoming wedding. THAT is driving her mad, so she takes the job.

But what happens when she goes to the theme park? She immediately meets a dreamy older boy who she thinks at first is dating her roomie. Turns out he's her brother, actually, but that almost makes it worse. He was sort of safe when he was off limits, but now that he's available, but she's not, Megan is a little nervous. She doesn't WANT to like him, she wants to be faithful to her boyfriend back home, but this long distance romance business is tricky...

A fun little teen romance that I'd recommend to fans of teen romance like Meg Cabot fans.

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