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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A favorite book you've read this year?

I read a LOT of books - in fact I finished three over the weekend, so it's hard for me to pick a favorite, but one of the favorites I've read this school year is Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover by Ally Carter. This is the third in the Gallagher Girls series which starts with I'd Tell You I Love You, but then I'd Have to Kill You. The second book is called Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. These books are pure fun, and I really enjoy them. I've been waiting and waiting to get our copies of the newest one that I ordered, but they've been on backorder. Then, I went to he Scholastic warehouse last week and there it was on the shelf, just begging me to get it. Of course, I couldn't turn Cammie down! If I did, she might have to kill me! See, Cammie Morgan and her friends go to the Gallagher Academy, a SPY school. They get to do super cool sleuthy stuff, learn crazy techniques for surveillance, and use all kinds of super secret technology.

These girls are way cooler than I could have ever imagined being in high school. I mean, I went to a private high school, but we had no night vision goggles, no lipstick tubes that could shoot out a web and tie up a captor, no earrings that were also communication devices. OK, I might have made up the actual spy gadgets, but I couldn't reveal the real thing to you, could I? You need to read it for yourself!

These books will appeal to girls, of course, because they're about really smart, hip and highly trained girls. Oh, and there's a tiny bit of romance if you also like that. BUT, they'll also appeal to boys because they're about really smart, hip and highly trained girls (come on, just admit it), but ALSO because they've got all this "killer" technology to work with, and this will really appeal to boys.

Super fun stories that I highly recommend. I also recommend checking out the author's blog(the author is Ally Carter), because she's pretty amusing and she has a t-shirt design contest happening now!

What's a favorite book you've read or are reading this year? Tell me so you can get entered in the drawing for the scary books prize pack. I'm picking the winner from all the WOMS students who've made a comment on my blog by Friday! Join the fun for Teen Read Week!


Anonymous said...

Wow this looks like a great book! I have to read it! Can't wait!
Sincerely, Rachel Frerichs

Anonymous said...

Very nice books and pictures cant wait for battle of the books! -Dayton W