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Monday, January 25, 2010

New game added to the library games page :)

A student made a terrific suggestion that I add the Winged Sandals site to the library games page, so I did. The site has these mythology related fun games on it:

Rockabye Cerberus:Orpheus charms Cerberus with his music - can you do the same?

Icarus and Daedalus: Catch chicken feathers to make your wings and fly away - but be careful, don't fly too close to the sun!

Amazons v Athenians:Choose your side - its girls vs boys!


Groove Pentatonica: Make your own music with our ancient scales and moody gods.

There are also other links on the top of the Winged Sandals page where you can explore more about ancient mythology. Look for the tabs that say things like Storytime, Make and do, Who's Who, etc.

Have other suggestions for links? Leave a comment here or send me an email.

Here's a quick link to the library games page if you want to go check it out. Enjoy!

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