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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skeleton Creek - Patrick Carman

OK, I just finished the next OBOB book in my pile, Skeleton Creek, Ryan's Journal, in about one hour. It's a short one - and I'm a little annoyed by it, frankly. Mainly I'm probably annoyed because Patrick Carman's making a bunch of money and I'm not. He did work hard to get there, I guess...But really, this book, with its total cliffhanger ending is so short it really should not have been allowed to end where it did - especially considering there are now two sequels out. It's just a ploy by a bunch of people to make money.

OK, off my rant and on to the book...It was good! Very suspenseful, quick to read, strong plot and good character development. I was feeling as paranoid and panicked as Ryan was during many points in the story. I know kids are going to love this one in the OBOB competition.

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