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Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Things Come Back, John Corey Whaley - Printz winner

This is one of the last award winners I wanted to read this year, and it was quite excellent. This author reminds me a lot of John Green - super smart, in a way that doesn't hurt my feelings but makes me realize I'm just smart enough, but I'm nowhere near super smart. This book is also funny and sad and thought provoking and a little other-worldly almost Not in a sci-fi kind of way, but in an alternate way of thinking kind of way. Kind of. It's hard to explain. But I definitely see how it won both the debut author award and the Printz. Really great story. Would love to talk with others who've read it about the ending. Let me know if you've read it.

Too much swearing (although not really beyond average kid or gratuitous swearing) for the MS library, but great for HS libraries.

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