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Monday, May 07, 2012

Restoring Harmony author visits M-D book club!

We were so lucky to have author Joëlle Anthony come to our Mother-Daughter book club last week at West Orient.  She is the author of <i>Restoring Harmony</i> (set in Gresham, OR!!) which we read for Mother-Daughter book club and the author of the recently published <i>The Right and the Real</i>.  Joëlle currently lives in Canada but was here for an author event at Powell's and agreed to come speak with us.  We were her very first book club event ever - very cool! Thanks to Cindy Hudson at the Mother Daughter Book club website for setting this up!

We all enjoyed <i>Restoring Harmony</i>, a dystopian book set in the year 2041 at a time when we've run out of oil and things are not going too well, so we were thrilled to get a chance to talk with her about it.  This book has adventure, suspense, danger, and a little romance.  Something for everyone!  Joëlle showed us her book trailers, read from each of her books, told us the story of how this book brought her a new best friend, and we talked a lot about how and why she wrote <i>Restoring Harmony</i>.  It is always so interesting to hear about the author's process and thinking.  The girls had great questions and, once they warmed up a little, were very engaged.  One thing I thought was really interesting was that Joëlle said she doesn't like dystopias.  Go figure!  Another VERY interesting thing to hear about was Joëlle treadmill desk.  I really need one of those!! You can see some photos of it <a href="http://joelleanthony.com/daily-writings/the-treadmill-desk/">here</a>.

Of course we also had fabulous treats (including apples in honor of the story) - thanks everyone who brought those!  And, we're super excited because Joëlle's publisher sent us all copies of a new book coming out called Keeping Safe the Stars which we'll read for next book club and hopefully Joëlle can Skype in with us!!

Joëlle's new book is for a bit of an older audience but sounds really great also.  I have put it on hold at the library already! If you're in middle school to adult, boy or girl, I think you'd enjoy <i>Restoring Harmony</i>.

Enjoy these photos from our meeting!


Kim said...

It looks like the Mother-Daughter Book Club had lots of fun! What a great idea.

Candace said...

I met Joelle at her signing at Powells and was immediately hooked on The Right and the Real just from her small little bit she read to us. And once I got home I devoured it in no time! I agree it's for a bit of an older audience but was still a pretty clean read. I loved it so much I ordered Restoring Harmony and can't wait to read it! Glad you got to meet her too! It looks like good times!