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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Life of Ty - Penguin Problems, Lauren Myracle

I'm generally not the biggest reader of the early chapter books. This year, I've decided I need to plunge in a little more to this level of books, so I've been attempting to do that.  I shouldn't balk; they take about 20 minutes for me to read cover to cover, yet still I do. Life of Ty might be one of the books that helps me get  out of this rut and realize these early chapter books are pretty good after all.

Notes: "Seven-year-old Ty gets into mischief and big-hearted schemes while navigating second grade and becoming a big brother"--Provided by publisher.
From the Publisher:
A brand-new illustrated chapter book series by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Myracle!

Winnie Perry's sweet baby brother, Ty, is the quintessential dreamer, full of big ideas and wacky plans that only a seven-year-old boy could hatch. Whether it's battling the family cat with a Dustbuster or smuggling a baby penguin out of the aquarium, Ty is always in the middle of a well-intended, big-hearted scheme.

In the spirit of the Judy Moody spinoff Stink series, Ty will work his way into the hearts and funny bones of a whole new generation of Myracle fans.

Strengths: This book is pretty funny, in an early elementary school way.  I can easily imagine elementary school kids, boys especially, cracking up at some of the things in this book. It's also an accurate portrayal of how the once-was-the-youngest child might feel when a new baby comes into the house, a feeling common to many early elementary school kids. Has illustrations so it's not too much of a shift for those readers just moving into chapter books. And finally, haven't we all wanted to kidnap an adorable baby animal from somewhere at some point?

Weaknesses: Ending was a bit implausible. I think even elementary kids would question how he could get away with kidnapping the penguin and have none of the grown-ups find out.

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