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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Audiobook: Maximum Ride - School's Out Forever

While I was driving to and from my librarian's conference, I was listening to James Patterson's second book in the Maximum Ride series, which is a really strange series. Having said that, though, once I started this series, I HAD to keep going, even though it was so weird. It's about some mutant bird kids who have no parents, can fly, and keep getting attacked by erasers which are NOTHING like those pink things on the ends of your pencils. More like mutant wolf men. In this book the kids are looking for their parents, have been temporarily adopted by a woman in the FBI, continue to be plagued by the erasers, and one of them is controlling the leader of the free world just with her thoughts. Oh, and Max, the oldest girl in the story, has her first date. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? And I really didn't think I'd be so into it, but I gotta know what happens next. I think I'll go for a drive. This audiobook is available from Multnomah County Library (as soon as I'm finished with it...)

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