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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

This is one of the funnier books I have read in a long time. I was literally laughing out loud over and over. Scott, the protagonist, is, predictably, a freshman, and he go through pretty much every trial that a freshman could go through...quite often involving girls. You see Scott is madly in love with a girl who is so NOT madly in love with him, and he makes many attempts at becoming involved in activities she's going to be involved with just so he can be near her, until she's not...and then he's not. And to top off his troubles, Scott's parents have announced they're having another baby! Which brings us to the premise of this novel - Scott is writing a journal (NOT a diary!) of advice to his sibling so that he or she won't have to make all the same mistakes he is. I absolutely loved the humor in this book, but another thing I loved was the writing. David Lubar injects some fresh ideas into his writing style, based, hypothetically, on things Scott is learning in his English class. Hooray for English teachers! Eighth graders will especially love this novel as you think about heading toward high school.

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Anonymous said...

I AGREE about enjoying this book! I can EASILY recommend it to boys, girls, teens, and oldies! It is fun to read and funny, and the main character is wonderfully engaging. I chuckled at the predicaments that he gets himself into, and I think readers can relate to his experiences. I give this a five (5) star rating! Read it for some smiles, some giggles, and some major guffaws! AND, learn about poetry, writing, and vocabulary without even trying!