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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Amazing Grace - Megan Shull

I have never heard of this author before, although she does have a few other YA books - I picked this book by the cover. For one thing it has a girl holding a giant snowball in front of her head and I'm in a snow mood. And for another thing, it said, "A chick-lit grand slam" on the cover. I had to get it. Now imagine this....You're a teenage millionaire (you earned about 33.3 million last year), you're on the cover of Teen People and Sports Illustrated, you have a Kate Spade bag and your own cosmetics line, etc. Would you like to be in those shoes? Well Grace "Ace" Kincaid, is tired of those tennis shoes. The pressure of being a teen superstar tennis player has pushed her over the top, so she calls her mother sobbing and says the three words her mother told her she could say to end it anytime. But what now...

Now Grace has to disappear if she wants any peace at all, and this will not be easy because the paparazzi follow this beauty everywhere. With the help of a former FBI agent, her surgeon mother and her HUGE bodyguard T, she undergoes a transformation including a major haircut, a RED dye job and a nose ring (which she has always wanted) so she can make her escape. And escape she does, all the way up to Medicine Hat, Alaska, population 813 (+ a bunch of moose). There she changes her name (on the off chance that someone there might have heard of her, although it's not that likely) and actually manages to be a regular girl. Of course, not all regular girls have a bicycle accident involving a moose or live in a house with no indoor plumbing and only a cold water outdoor shower, but still.

And then there's Teague, adorable boy who rescues her from the whole moose incident and immediately falls head over heels in love with her, as she does with him. This is a funny, interesting, feel good story with enough depth to keep it interesting. If you like Chick-lit, you'll definitely like this one.

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Ham and Eggs said...

I do NOT like "chick lit" (I even get queasy with the TERM, and typing it was WAY over my comfort level!), but...I am REALLY enjoying the story.

I am enjoying that there is someone out there who does NOT want to accept the "fast lane" of money and the sadness it can bring if there are not simple joys to embrace, too.

I'm only on page 98, but...I enjoy the descriptions of Alaska and the Eco House and the people living in this community and their joy with the freshness of the world in Medicine Hat, Alaska. It makes ME feel fresh, and I LOVE the bracing COLD I experience reading about the shower!

OK - so I HATE "chick lit", but I am enjoying the story. Thumbs up to the gal from Medicine Hat who WROTE the story and to Mrs. F-B for suggesting it on her Book Blog!