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Friday, December 15, 2006

Specials - Scott Westerfeld

I was so happy that Mrs. Volz bought me this book for my birthday, because by the end of Uglies I was going crazy to know what would happen next. That seems to be happening for almost everyone who's reading Uglies. MUST READ THE SEQUEL. Mrs. Schroeder even came down and pilfered it out of the holds box, and now Mr. O'Sullivan is hounding Ms. Johnston to hurry up and finish already so he can have it.

I could NOT figure out what was going to happen at the end of Uglies to lead to this sequel, Pretties, and I will say I was definitely surprised at how it came about, but if it had to happen, this was for all the right reasons. In theory. Unfortunately, as often is the case, the theory didn't quite pan out the way it was planned by Tally, David and the rest. It did lead to a LOT of suspense, though, and it was much harder to put down this installment of the trilogy than Uglies was for me. It was high tension all the way. What about pushed me over the edge was the bubbly speak in this book. Drive a person crazy. It's the Valley Girl phenomenon all over again. Very in character with the empty headed pretties, but very nuts-making (that's a little inside joke for you readers of the novel). Can't say too much about this story because I'm afraid I'd give it away.

I've actually moved on to Specials, book three in the trilogy, and I have to say, Tally is really not my favorite right now. She is making a LOT of bad choices and really isn't behaving like who I thought she was. Could it be new lesions???

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