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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Art of Detection - Laurie R. King

This author one of my favorite adult mystery writers, and in this new novel she actually sort of combines two of her series. One series she writes is about a smart female San Francisco police detective, and one series is about Sherlock Holmes in his later years. This book is a modern day mystery set in San Francisco with the female detective, and the person who's been murdered is a Sherlock Holmes fanatic (dare I say freak!?). This guy's whole first floor of his house has been re-created to look like Sherlock Holmes' house, and he belongs to a club of other Holmes aficionados who get together monthly for Holmes dinners. His job is, well I guess was, to buy and sell Holmes memorabilia for other collectors. And just before he dies he finds something he thinks might be very special. It's a manuscript that just might be an actual Holmes piece. If so, it's worth a LOT of money.

King includes the whole Holmes story , in a different font so as not to confuse the reader, in this novel, and it's very well done

I really enjoyed this mystery and would definitely recommend it.

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