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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Something Borrowed - Emily Griffin

This is a grown up book that I won from Good Reads a social networking site about books. I had some struggle with this book because I found myself liking the main character very much and cheering her on even though I totally didn't agree with what she was doing. It was kind of interesting.

The main character Rachel ends up having a fling with her best friend's fiance. That is NOT ok. Usually if I don't like a character's behavior as much as I didn't like this character's, I'd immediately not like that character also. This time I felt like although her methods were awful, I felt like she and the guy, Dex, really did belong together, and that she was allowing her friend (funny, I typed fiend first - exactly the word to describe her!) to manipulate her and she should end that friendship. Should have done long ago, actually. But, she should NOT have done what she did.

It was an interesting read. Light enough so that I could read it by the pool with no problem, but with something to think about. And it did have a pink cover...

Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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