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Friday, November 06, 2009

Poetry Friday - Lander Evening

In honor of Veteran's Day, November 11, here's a poem about a soldier who fought in Vietnam.

lander evening

from Gloria

Bill used to mention
Vietnam sometimes—
Snippets of story
I heard but never
He might have been describing
Mars or
It was an untouchable
Part of his past.

Last October,
Our Pastor told the Bishop
About Bill's poetry.
While he was here, he
Dropped by.
Bill did his funny ones
Two or three
And mentioned in passing
He had written some
Serious Poems
About his war.

The Bishop asked to hear one, so
Bill went away and came
Back with
"Body Burning Detail."
Halfway through it,
He broke down.

I just remember him
Sitting there,
His agony
His anguish
Pouring down his face
And suddenly,
For me,
It was real.
I could feel
with my heart
and soul
What he could never
I think
I began to

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