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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Goddess Boot Camp - Tera Lynn Childs

LOVED this second book by Tera Lynn Childs about mythology. The first book was called Oh. My. Gods. Both books are hilariously funny, but also a bit serious at times, suspenseful, and chock FULL of mythology. Once you've finished The Lightning Thief, I'd highly recommend these. In the first book, Phoebe has just discovered she's a third generation descendant of the goddess Nike, and she's moved to Greece and is attending a special school that's all kids who are descended from the gods.

In this book, Phoebe's been in Greece a while, has found herself a very fine boyfriend, and is training for the Pythian Games, which are similar to the Olympics. But there are a few little problems...one of the problems is that Phoebe's boyfriend is being really secretive and spending a lot of time with his old girlfriend. Uh-oh! Another problem is that Phoebe has never really uncovered the real reason behind her father's death, and she's pretty afraid of what she might find out. But the biggest problem of all is that Phoebe herself has about zero control, or maybe less, over her powers. And if she doesn't get them under control soon, she's not going to pass teh test that's n store for her OR be allowed to compete for a chance in the Pythian games.

Enter Goddess Boot Camp. It's where you go when you're in way over your head and can't get control. But usually you're sent there when you're about ten, not when you're in high school. And usually your evil stepsister isn't in charge of the camp. And usually your boyfriend's ex isn't second in charge. Ugh! Phoebe's sure it's going to be misery all summer and that she won't learn a thing. And on some levels, both are right. But there are a lot of surprises along the way, too.

This was a delightfully fun book, and a great choice to have picked to read on my birthday! This book and the first in the series have been ordered for the WOMS library and should be here right after winter break. Meanwhile, they're available at the Multnomah County Library.

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Okay. So am I officially the only person so irritated by the improper verb tenses of the verb "to smite"? The catch phrase in our house right now is "Oh, get smoted." Seriously. This bothered me!