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Friday, December 11, 2009

Poetry Friday -Snowflake Haikus

After last winter, a lot of Portland people could do without any snow days this year, but not me. I love to watch it snow! It's so peaceful, and a great opportunity to curl up with a good book :) These haikus are from a Denver newspaper. Readers submited their own snowflake haikus. I just chose a few to put here, but if you want to read more, Click here.


No two are alike
Settle on my frozen tongue
Pure beauty falling

Connie Masthay


Snowflakes are falling
Unique beauties of nature
Amaze and delight

Robin Bathke


Snowflakes fall softly
White drifts blanket forest floors
Quiet, peaceful sleep

Elizabeth Singleton


Fairy tutus fall
Drifting on the ground below
Enchanted dancing

Barbara T. Bauer

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