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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last weekend I started reading Fang, the most recent in the Maximum Ride series on my Kindle. If you've read it, you can imagine how dismayed I was to discover that I only had part of the book and I was left hanging midway through! Luckily, I was able to scrounge up a copy here at the WOMS library this week so I could finish it. As always, there was lots of excitement and action in the story. There were some old characters re-introduced, and a (super cute) new character was brought in as well. Supposedly he's Max's perfect other half. But wait, you ask, what about Fang. HE'S Max's perfect other half, isn't he? Isn't he? And that's exactly what Max is asking herself.

This was not my favorite Maximum Ride book - I thought it didn't have quite enough development - but I wouldn't have skipped it, either. It's true to the series and fans will love it.

Available at your WOMS library.

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