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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Three new books reviewed

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia. A great YA mystery that involves international art and intrigue. Two intrepid young women discover themselves entwined with a man they know is evil, but they're just not sure exactly what he's being evil about. And then they do, and then they're in big trouble. Cannot go wrong in a book where the teen girls are dressing up in myriad costumes and doing a fine job of sneaking around. Plus you can travel the world without actually spending the plane fare. Looking forward to reading the second book with these young women.

Knit Two - the Sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club. I liked this book, but I think I may have actually read it too closely on the heels of book one, as I was a little tired of the characters by the end. Good continuation of the storylines, though. I would recommend it to those who like knitting or, more importantly, people who like stories about strong friendships.

Cheating Death - I don't often read non-fiction, but when I do read it, I often wonder why I don't read it more. this book, by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, was fascinating. It's all about the wonders of modern medicine and of how people who once would have died for sure are now living through amazing technology and through amazing no one knows what or why. It was so intriguing. Incredible reading for adults or older teens who are interested in health and or science.

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Ms. Yingling said...

The sequel to Third Lucretia is even better! Traveling in Scotland. Ooh!