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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Winter Break reading

Well, I've been pretty busy over break, so I haven't gotten in quite as much reading as I thought I would - that always seems to be the case for me, but I have read several books, and I listened to one also. All the books I've read so far are grown up books, but I'm in the middle of a kid one now, and I am loving it.

For my birthday, Mrs. Volz gave me a book called 1022 Evergreen Place by Debbie McComber for my birthday, and I need to especially remember to thank her for throwing me into a series on book # TEN! What?? The good thing is, these books start with a cast of characters list so if you forget who they're talking about you can go back to page one and clear it up. It was a nice, easy read - perfect way to relax after the hectic end of school before break. Then when I was at hte library I saw a holiday book by the same author, so I took it to "give" to Mrs. Volz for part of her Christmas package, but it turned out she already had it, so I read it. It was called A Cedar Cove Christmas. A little too gimmicky, but I always like to read a book set at Christmas around Christmas time, so it fit the bill.

I saw a review recently of Nice to Come Home To, a first novel by by Rebecca Flowers and it sounded interesting, so I checked that one out form the library. I thought it was fine but not fabulous. I think she has the potential to become a really good author, and I think I'll probably read her next book when it comes out.

The Friday Night Knitting Club was sitting on my shelf for quite a long time, and I finally got to that this week. Loved it! I am, in fact, now reading the sequel to it. The book is chock full of character development which is what I love. I was not surprised at developments throughout most of the story, but I was very surprised by the ending of the novel. I tend to really like books about groups of women who form strong friendships, and that's the whole basis of the book. Plus this book is about women who get together and do something that's kind of a throwback thing, and that's something that I like to do - my friends and I get together and cook and bake and do crafts, too, and it's really fun. I also think it's really important for women to have other women friends. This was my favorite of the books I read over break.

The book I listened to was also excellent. It's a mystery called The Girl of his Dreams. It's set in Italy, and it's a mystery about a young Roma girl who drowns and is found with stolen jewelry on her. Most detectives in that situation, according to the story anyway, would just have chalked it up to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but this detective doesn't. I thought it was really well done. The reader was good, too, with a good Italian accent.

In the next few days I'm planning to finish up The Mystery of the Third Lucretia which is a YA mystery that I'm enjoying quite a lot, and I hope to finish Knit Two which is the sequel to Friday Night Knitting Cub. I've also started listening to The Hunger Games which I know I'll like but so far I'm not entirely thrilled with. Too much dystopian fiction of late, I guess. I want a HAPPY new year!

Hope you've been enjoying the break! See you back at school soon.

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