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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Exclamation Mark, Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld

From the Publisher:
From the bestselling creators of Duck! Rabbit!, an exciting tale of self-discovery!

He stood out here.
He stood out there.
He tried everything to be more like them.

It's not easy being seen. Especially when you're NOT like everyone else. Especially when what sets you apart is YOU.

Sometimes we squish ourselves to fit in. We shrink. Twist. Bend. Until -- ! -- a friend shows the way to endless possibilities. In this bold and highly visual book, an emphatic but misplaced exclamation point learns that being different can be very exciting! Period.

Pros: Oh, this little picture book sings to the nerdy grammar girl side of me! And it does it in an oh-so NOT nerdy way!  It's a miracle! Like most kids, Exclamation Mark doesn't want to stand out.  But that's kind of hard when you've got this giant line above you when non one else does, you know? See, he doesn't get that he has a purpose.  That is, until Question Mark comes along and will not stop asking him questions.  Go figure... Finally, when he cannot stand a minute more, he shouts Stop! and only then discovers his purpose.  After that, there's no stopping him.  This is a delightful story that's about so much more than grammar but it manages to sneak a bunch of that in along the way, too!  

Cons: Shouldn't this book really be called Exclamation Point?!

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