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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees, Sandra Markle

From the publisher:

Honeybees are a crucial part of our food chain. As they gather nectar from flowers to make sweet honey, these bees also play an important role in pollination, helping some plants produce fruit. But large numbers of honeybees are disappearing every year... and no one knows why. Is a fungus killing them? Could a poor diet be the cause? What about changes to bees' natural habitat? In this real-life science mystery, scientists and beekeepers are working to answer these questions... and save the world's honeybees before it's too late.

Strengths: The photographs in this book are incredible, the layout motif of a honeycomb ties everything together nicely and doesn't overpower either the photos or the text, and the information is clear and fascinating. The language and  less formal style make the book accessible and make the science graspable for even readers who might not have a strong science background.

Weaknesses: Picture captions are adequate to good, but I think more could have been done with those to enhance the text for stronger readers who wanted more in-depth information.

Reminds me of the excellent Scientists in the Field series but at a more basic level. 


I read an e-ARC of this book.

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