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Monday, February 02, 2009

Violet in Private - Melissa Walker

Finally, one of the covers uploads. Blogger is just a little buggy sometimes!

I told you I'd read the third book in the series. I hate not finishing a series once I've started it, even if I don't love the series, which I still can't completely decide on where this one's concerned. That kind of makes me think I must have liked it or why would I be thinking about it so much?

Anyway, Violet is growing up and is a lot more like-able in this book than she was in the others. She's starting to get a handle on what she believes and wants and to think about how she can be part of the modeling world and still do the right thing. She's not around such a harsh environment, either, leaving her with less opportunities to make bad choices, and maybe as a reader I was more comfortable with that, too.

Whether I really liked these books and Violet or not, I know teen girls will enjoy them. Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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Melissa Walker said...

I'm flattered that you read all three books and that they stayed in your mind a bit. Thanks, Mrs. F-B!