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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Reading - 7 books

Over Spring Break I was lucky enough to go to the Virgin Islands for some serious time on the beach. There's no better place to read a book, if you ask me. I finished 7 grown-up books this week. I took no kid books, because those are mostly books I've checked out, not ones I own, and I don't really like to take library books on vacation. So here's a SHORT review on each.

*Blind Spot - Scary and creepy. Could not read at bedtime.

*a Jennifer Cruisie novel - Silly and goofy, but fun.

*British Mystery I already forgot the name of - I actually liked this book, but the name escapes me, and I left it there, so I can't go look for it...unless I go back...

*Astrid and Veronkia - I was so hoping this was going to be fantastic becasue it had one of hte prettiest covers ever, but it left me a little flat.

*Tortilla Curtain - Disturbing and depressing. NOT a good beach book.

*The Last Time I Was Me - A light and easy fun romance novel. Set in Portland and surrounding areas.

*The Middle Place - I cried my eyes out on this one, but I really loved it. A memoir that everyone who enjoys the genre, particularly if you're a woman in your middle years, should not miss. I would not, however, recommend reading this one in the middle of a crowded airport, as many people will wonder, "What is WRONG with that woman?" if you do.

I'm back at work this week, and ready for some more teen lit, so stay tuned!

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