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Saturday, March 07, 2009

When Irish Guys Are Smiling - Suzanne Supplee

Recently I read Now and Zen, one of the Students Across the Seven Seas books, a fictional series about exchange students which I enjoyed, but I liked this one a whole lot more. Maybe it was because one of the characters was named Mrs. Fitzpatrick?? :) Or maybe it was because I married one of those smiling Irish guys!

In any case, I enjoyed this book a lot, even though I don't think that it was too realistic. Delk Sinclair, a seventeen year old from Nashville, Tennessee just wants to get away from her new stepmother who's about to have a baby,her father and all the debutante balls she's supposed to be attending. What better place to get away than Ireland? There she meets an Irish young man who, like her, has lost his mother, and he helps her to begin dealing with that because she never really has, she just holds it inside. She also meets a lot of great new friends. It was a fun story with a sweet romance. Fans of the teen romance genre and those curious about other cultures are sure to enjoy it (although the culture piece is a little too "typical" to give one a good view of what Ireland's really like).

Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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