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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catching up on my reviews

These will be short and sweet because I got way behind with posting since school actually started. I've been doing lots of reading, though! Feel free to ask me about any of these books for a better description.

Forgive My Fins
- Tera Lynn Childs. A fun story by the author of Oh. My. Gods. this stroy revolves around a young woman who's actually a mermaid living on land. She's madly in love with the wrong boy and can't see that the right boy is there the whole time. When she finally figures it out, it may be too late. fish references are a little overdone but it's a cute story.

Jinx-Margaret Wild. After two of her boyfriends die, Jen is pretty sure she is a jinx, so she changes her name. Through the help of those around her, she works through her grief. This novel i verse has some tough moments.

Story of a Girl
- Sara Zarr. Deanna's father has never forgiven her for making a bad choice with a boy. It's thrown the whole family into chaos, and is a pretty bleak situation. Slowly, though, Deanna and other members of her family find hope and a place to start again.

Because I am Furniture
- Thalia Chaltas This was a very difficult book to read, although it's a fast one because it's told in verse. 13 year old Anke's father abuses her and her two siblings, but she feels that her father loves her least because he only abuses her verbally. This is a very powerful book and shows how twisted up things can get for people who are stuck inside a horrible situation. Anke finally gets the courage to make a change when she sees her father abusing a friend of hers. Very mature subject matter.

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