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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Num8ers - Rachel Ward

THIS was a weird and cool book. I listened to it, and the reader was fantastic. The accents were amazing and I just wanted to keep on listening all the time. I can still hear the voice in my head. The premise is that the main character sees everyone's death date when she looks into their eyes. Creepy, hey? And it's pretty creepy for her, too. Jem hates it. She's fifteen, an orphan, in special education at school, and basically has no friends. She doesn't want any, either, because then she just has to keep her secret from them. But one boy, Spider, won't give up on being her friend.

When Jem and Spider are seen running from a bombing at the London Eye, they're chased by the police and end up fleeing into the countryside. A burgeoning romance between the two is clouded by Spider's number. Can Jem change the course of fate if she tries?

Recommended for high school and up.

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