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Monday, September 19, 2011

2 Marla Frazee books

Marla Frazee, amazingly talented illustrator and winner of the Caldecott honor not once but TWICE, is coming to the Oregon Association of School Libraries conference in October and I get to introduce her. I actually even got to talk to her on the phone the other day. That was pretty exciting, I have to tell you!

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to review a couple of her books here. These two are both picture books - appropriate for all ages. I guess that's why elementary schools call them EVERYBODY books. A Couple of Boys is just a hoot. The boys are funny and goofy, and they act just like little boys. You can really imagine real boys behaving just like these characters. One thing that never ceases to impress me about picture books is how someone can create so much expression on a face with the simplest drawings. It's amazing. Of course I say "simplest drawings" but clearly there's an art to it and they're really NOT simple. But they look like they would be. Not for me, though. I'm all about the emoticon smiley face. That's my speed! Thought this book was quite a fun read. It also made me want banana waffles...

All the World is a much different kind of book. Less goofbally, very lovely. The book is all told in rhyme and has just a tiny bit of text on each page. The drawings were more detailed in this book and had many more people in htem. I really like how Marla includes all different kinds of people in her books. It's very natural, but if you look for it, you'll notice it. This book also uses color beautifully to convey mood. She's a wonder, this Marla Frazee. I'm so excited to meet her!

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