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Monday, September 05, 2011

Wolves, Boys and Other Things that Might Kill Me, Kristen Chandler

Somehow I got it into my head that this was going to be a werewolf book, so I have put off reading it. WRONG. And I loved it. It was actually a mystery story and it reminded me a lot of the National Geographic series I like called Mysteries in the National Parks as this one was set in Yellowstone. Although I have to say this one did have more kissing than any of those have had.

The story focuses on the struggles between humans and wolves around Yellowstone. Many ranchers have problems with the wolves killing their livestock and they want to get rid of the wolves. Environmentalists, on the other hand, want to keep the wolves since they were actually there first. It's a really interesting story and well told from both sides of the issue.

Available in the West Orient MS library and recommended by yours truly.

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