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Friday, April 23, 2010

Poetry Friday - "I Like to Think of Shakespeare"

Happy birthday Shakespeare (and my sister Shannon!). This is a little tribute to Shakespeare. Enjoy!

I like to think of Shakespeare, not as when
In our London of the spacious time
He took all amorous hearts with honeyed rhyme;
Or flung his jest at Burbage and at Ben;
Or speared the flying follies with his pen;
Or, in deep hour, made Juliet`s love sublime;
Or from Lear`s kndness and Iago`s crime
Caught tragic hint of heaven`s dark way with men.

These were great memories, but he laid them down.
And when, with brow composed and friendly tread,
He sought the little streets of Stratford town,
That knew his dreams and soon must hold him dead,
I like to think how Shakespeare pruned his rose,
And ate his pippin in his orchard close.

-E.K. Chambers, author of The Elizabethan Stage( 4 vols.).
and William Sh.: A Study of Facts and Problems ( 2 vols.).

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