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Monday, May 23, 2011

Princess for Hire -Lindsey Leavitt

Ever wanted to be a princess? Well, if you look hard enough at the help wanted ads, AND you have that special something, you may just find yourself in a position to become one - at least for a day. That's exactly what happens to Desi Bascomb in this funny "Freaky Friday"-esque story.

Does Desi want to be a substitute princess when the actual princesses need a break? Not so much. But does she want the money? Yes! and is it sort of fun? Yes. And does she think she can help the real princesses out? Yes. And here's where she runs into a little trouble...Ooooops.

Plus, a little romance never hurt, right?

Book one in the series. Available at the WOMS library courtesy of a generous gift from the author to our Mother-Daughter book group. Thanks so much, Ms. Leavitt!

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