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Monday, May 23, 2011

What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen

Well, as is typical when I read one of her new books, this is not my favorite Sarah Dessen, but it was fabulous. Usually it takes me some time and two or three readings of one of her books to move it up the SD faves list. This is not a criticism, of course, as all her books are great and it would be awfully hard to top The Truth About Forever, Just Listen and Along for the Ride. I mean, come on!

Strengths of this book are the strong, true to life characters, the difficult mother-daughter relationship, and the reprise for characters and places from previous novels (but just a peek, so it doesn't leave people out who never read the earlier books or overshadow the new story). Oh, and I always consider a little romance a plus myself.

Those who love Sarah Dessen already will love this one, too, for all the usual reasons. Those who've never read a Sarah Dessen will be pulled in by McLean and Dave's coming of age story and won't want to say goodbye to this one.

Recommended. Available in the WOMS library now.

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