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Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Life in Pink and Green - Lisa Greenwald

Lucy's mother and grandmother own and run a local pharmacy. But now's not the best time for a small, local business like that, and the business is failing. Lucy, however, is sure she can come up with a plan to save the business. Enter pink and green. See Lucy has some skills in the "pink", meaning girly, area. She's really good at doing hair and make-up, and tehy just happen to sell that stuff in the pharmacy. She's also really good at coming up with clever "green" marketing ideas, which of course are always popular.

Put the two ideas together with the persistence of a bulldog (Lucy) and you know that while the pharmacy might not make it in the end, it will at least have a fighting chance.

I really enjoyed this book by a member of the Class of 2K9.

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