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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sweet Life - Mia King

This is an adult book that I saw on another author's blog. When she talked about it, it reminded me of another book I read recently (The Last Time I Was Me), so I checked it out from the Multnomah County Public Library. It was a nice, easy read, with great character development and enough of an unknown to keep me really interested.

The premise of this story is that a family has moved to Hawaii from New York on the spur of the moment, and instead of the paradise they've expected to find, the couple finds their marriage disintegrating. He moves out, and she stays in the (moneypit of a) house they've bought. Their young daughter stays with the mother. In order to cover expenses, Marissa (the wife) must take boarders in to their home, a prospect which she finds a bit frightening. The results of this bold move, however, turn out to be exactly what she needs and the friendships she forms sustain in her during a time when she is floundering as she's never done before.

Throughout the story, there is a possibility that the two will reunite, but the possibility that they will not is just as likely. This is what really kept me reading. I don't find too many authors who can develop the tension in such an unpredictable way outside of mystery authors.

A lovely book that I definitely recommend for a summer read.

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