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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Not Anything - Carmen Rodrigues

No picture available for this one, sorry.

I really enjoyed this book! It's sad and sweet and a nice addition to our Hispanic literature collection.

16 year old Susie lost her mother several years ago, and now it's just she and her dad living in Miami and they don't really communicate very well. And for Susie, keeping herself insulated from most people (and the pain she might face if she loses them too) is working just fine. Or so she thinks.

When her English teacher Mr Murphy asks her to tutor Danny Diaz, Susie isn't very interested in the job. He keeps after her though, and finally convinces her to take on the case. But when Danny begins to break open the hard shell she's carefully constructed, will Susie be able to let him in?

This is a bittersweet coming of age compounded by the death of a parent, again something I've not had to deal with. It has some of the same themes as What Girls Learn by Karin Cook and Define Normal by Julie Ann Peters.

All three of these books are available in our library.

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