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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sophomore Switch - Abby McDonald

I received this book in my mailbox one day from the book elf. Whoever you are, publisher, publicist, author, real elf...thanks so much!

Tasha (American girl) and Emily (British girl) are both looking to escape. Tasha made a huge mistake at a party and now there's a video all over the Internet with her on it - and it is NOT flattering. Emily's boyfriend has dumped her and her parents are very high pressure people. What better way to avoid your problems than moving to another country for a college exchange program? Well, maybe these girls could think of about 100 ways now that they're living each otehr's lives, but it's too late.

Wild child Tasha feels stifled and way over her head academically at Oxford. Strait-laced Emily thinks the academics are a blow off and all the people are shallow at UC Santa Barbara. Neither one has really made any friends. This exchange isn't really working out to be all that they'd hoped for. Finally, in desperation, they start e-mailing one another for tips to survive, even they don't even like each other (based on what they know of each other, that is). This turns out to be quite helpful in helping each one to fit into her environment, but in the end, is it really a good idea?

If you want to find out, this book will be available soon at the Multnoamh County Library and the BHS library (it's a better choice for the high school library, and I'll be sending it up there).

I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks again, book elf!

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