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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sun Signs - Shelly Hrdlitschka

This book was fun to read because it was written in emails back and forth between "distantstudybuddies" - kids who were attending school online as opposed to regular classroom work for different reasons. Kaleigh, the main character, is attending because she has cancer, but she doesn't tell any of her online friends the reason.

The story revolves around a science project Kaleigh is doing - all about astrology. That's right, a SCIENCE project about astrology. Hmmmm. But she does a pretty good job of fitting her ideas to the project. She learns quite a lot about science along the way, too, even though it's not all related to her astrology findings.

Kaleigh learns a lot about herself and other people through this distance project, too. It's not all a bed of roses, either. But real life isn't.

I enjoyed this story and will recommend it to middle school readers who like books told in a little bit different style than straight prose.

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