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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jane Austen Addict 1&2 - Rigler, Laurie Viera

I read the first one of these books, but I have to admit, I totally skimmed the second one, and afterward, I decided I'd have preferred if they were actually one book that flipped back and forth between the characters.

The premise of these stories is really good, I think. In the first, a person from our time gets time-traveled back into Jane Austen's time. In the second, it's the opposite. And the two characters who switch time basically trade lives. I did like the main characters, especially the fiery modern day woman trapped in Jane's time when she was not too free to say the things she'd certainly have said at home. There were just too, too many details for my liking. I got a little bored. I still enjoyed them, but I didn't LOVE them like I'd hoped I might, being a bit of a Jane Austen addict myself. One thing's for sure, though, I do NOT want t end up in Jane Austen's world. I'm bit too outspoken for that for sure!

Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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