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Monday, September 28, 2009

Adam Canfield of the Slash - Michael Winerip

Loved this fun little mystery about Adam Canfield, a reporter on the Harris Elementary/Middle School paper, The Slash. It's a 2010 Battle of the Books title.

Adam and his co-editor Jennifer are quite fabulous reporters and this year are in charge of The Slash and Adam is discovering it's quite a big job. Poor Adam has a pretty maxed out schedule thanks to all his activities, and adding this on top of everything else is almost more than he can handle. Luckily, Jennifer is super competent and also pretty forgiving. There's a new cub reporter this year too, third grade Phoebe, and she's about driving Adam nuts. He thinks she should have to pay her dues like he had to, but it turns out she's a crackerjack reporter and it's actually Phoebe who starts unraveling the clues to the mystery Adam and Jennifer find themselves embroiled in.

You see, someone left Harris E/MS a ton of money, but the only thing is, no one seems to know what happened to it! It's up to the award winning Slash to figure out the problem and report on it. But can they risk being expelled if they do? Will anyone help them?

Read this fabulous book and find out! Then read the sequels!!! I just found out one has already been published and a third book is scheduled to be published soon!!! I'm ordering them for the library. Woohoo!

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Ms. Yingling said...

May have to reread the first one. I didn't get into it, but maybe it was just a bad day.