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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Hunted - Gloria Skurzynski

I couldn't find a picture of this book, but this is a great mystery story. It's one of the National Geographic mysteries set in a national park. Last year I went to Denali with my nephew and we read one set there. This year we took another nephew to Glacier and read this one which is set there. We did it as a read-aloud, and as the reader I was having a hard time reading fast enough. This book was FULL of suspense. It was way more suspenseful than the other one we read. It was slightly less realistic in a few of the details ,but we forgave those because it was so exciting.

The main characters in this book are a brother and sister, the same ones who were in the other story. Their mother is a veterinarian and has been called in to help figure out why grizzly bear cubs are disappearing. The reason is a little bit scary, well actually a lot scary. And there's a whole side story about a ten year old Mexican boy as well.

If you like mysteries with a lot of suspense, this is a GREAT choice. Available at the WOMS library.

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