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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Close to Shore - Michael Capuzzo

I was trying to read a little more non-fiction this summer, so I picked up this book about the 1916 shark attacks on the New Jersey shore. I'm kind of addicted to shark stuff. Shark Week on cable? I'm sucked in - and I hardly EVER watch TV. I don't know why I'm so fascinated with sharks, because these bad boys are trouble, but I really am.

This book was, as is typical of shark stories, is creepy. It's about a great white that basically got lost due to some strange currents and ended up way up north where it had no business. The first attack it made was in 3 1/2 FEET of water!!!! Then it went upstream up a river! Basically the poor thing was starving and confused, no wonder it started attacking people. But it was a really scary time, and it caused havoc with the tourism of the time in New Jersey.

This book was told in a unique way - half the book was about people and half about the shark. I really enjoyed it. If you're interested in sharks, this is a great book.

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