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Sunday, September 06, 2009

London Calling - Edward Bloor

I listened to this story on my iPod, and I have to admit I had to start over three times because I just couldn't get hooked, and then I wouldn't know what was going on. But once I did get going on it, I really liked it. It's a time travel book. Martin Conway, a 7th grade boy, has an old time radio from his grandmother, and it turns out that the radio is a time travel device. It transports him back to London in 1940 during the World War II bombings. There's also a good amount of historical fiction mixed in with the storyline in addition to it being a time travel book, which is not completely unusual in time travel books and makes them appeal to a wider audience I think.

Fans of war books and time travel books will enjoy this Edward Bloor novel. I don't think he's written anything in a while (well, not that I've seen), so it was nice to see something new from this talented author of Tangerine, one of my favorites for boys.

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