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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Kieran Scott Fest

I read FOUR of Kieran Scott's book the week that school started. It was really all I could do to make it home and crash on the couch, and these books were just the ticket. they're fun and funny, have a little bit of substance to them, strong cheracter development, and required virtually no effort on my part to finish. That a great beginning of school book.

Three of the books are in the "Non-Blonde Cheerleader" series about, coincidentally, a non-blonde cheerleader. In fact, she's the only non-blonde in her whole school in south Florida. She's just moved there from New Jersey, and its kind of weird. A totally different world from her old school. She misses some things about her old school, but there are some neat new things waiting for her to discover in Florida, too. The books are all about the cheerleading squad and deal with a lot of issues that come up in teams, among friends, and among not-so friendly groups as well. Plus hter's a little romance, so if you like that, this might be a series you'd enjoy.

The other book is called Geek Magnet, and really, how could I not read that book? It's about a girl who all the geeky guys are attracted to, and she's sort of wishing some other kind of guy would be attracted. but I'm here to tell you, the geeky ones are the best catches. They're the ones who can solve your computer problems, figure out your gas mileage, and keep your checkbook balanced. There are also some awfully cute geeks out there. And they're usually sweet! I oughta know - I got one of the best ones!

Middle school girls will enjoy Kieran Scott's works.

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