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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ice cream update and bonus info!

Bonuses coming up this Wednesday!

Bonus #1 will be for the top three scoop earners in each 1st period on Wed. - only Wednesday's scoops will count for this bonus. Those three readers from each period will be able to come down and choose a free book from the gigantic selection of books we received from Got Books, Go Green.

Bonus #2 will be a drawing for a $ 5 Borders gift card. This winner will be drawn from all NEW participants on Wednesday. So if you haven't turned in a scoop card yet and you turn one in Wed., you'll be entered in that drawing.

Bonus #3 another drawing for a $5 Borders gift card from among everyone who turns in a scoop card Wednesday.

Here are the totals as of Monday's count:

Arn -- 449

Johnson -- 365
Massey -- 210
Miller -- 113
Stickney -- 162

Fulsher -- 336
Harris -- 350
Johnston -- 149
Richardson -- 228
Van der Meer -- 198

Darby -- 553
Delmarter -- 288
Gatlin -- 337
Trayhorn -- 401
Volz -- 312

Mrs. FB WILL be made into a sundae at the talent show. 6th graders are FIVE kids away from making their teachers into a sundae, so let's go 6th graders. I need some company in that kiddie pool. 7th and 8th graders need many more participants to make your teachers into sundaes, but you can do it!

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